The drive along the A5 to Ogwen presents multiple photographic

Moles fondamantalman type jeunes maladi po yon, men Moles ka vin nan tt yon foul moun nan nenpot ki laj. Gran majorite de moles sont san risk/danje, men, nan ka ra, moles ka vin len kans. Moles ka f sou vant ou te ogmante. The drive along the A5 to Ogwen presents multiple photographic opportunities, indeed the most difficult decision is what not to photograph. A stop at Ogwen is not to be missed as here you will find mountain lakes, waterfalls, impressive rock formations, flowing rivers and all of these no more than 30 minutes walk from the car park. For the more energetic the walking routes from Ogwen are nothing short of spectacular and provide a further wealth of photographic opportunities..

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